Edmund has been teaching our 9-year-old son Peter piano since 2014. Before we found Edmund, Peter took a year of conventional piano lessons which caused him to completely lose interest in music due to his unconventional learning style. I hoped to find a teacher who could rekindle that interest, and help Peter develop a love of music and the ability to use music in his life. 

Edmund was the perfect solution. He recognized Peter's obsession with math and science and tailored the music lessons to fit that interest. Edmund has worked with Peter to explore harmonics, different chords and the circle of fifths, and has led him toward composing music with a mathematical basis. Edmund didn't mind Peter's unsocial behavior, and soon won him over with his sense of humor and mathematical ability. Now Peter enjoys lessons and doesn't want to leave the piano when a lesson ends. 

- Airy


Edmund Mendelssohn is an extremely knowledgeable and patient teacher. He is insightful and has a knack for assessing a student's strengths & weakness and building lesson in a most effective way.  
I have been playing electric bass in working bands for 45 years, but am new to string bass, jazz and music theory. Edmund has helped to improved my musicianship & knowledge tremendously.

- Jane


Edmund is a patient and flexible teacher. I asked him to teach me to read music, teach in a structured way, later in an unstructured way, explain theory, transcribe bass lines live, provide basic exercises, and describe fundamental differences between basslines for different genres of music. He took it all in stride, switched modes quickly and easily within a single lesson, and delivered on the fly. I couldn't ask for more, I tried.

I (unintentionally) tried to break Edmund as a teacher. I asked anything and everything that came to mind about music. He delivered answers, and mini-lessons on each topic. Speaking as an adult learner, he was a fantastic teacher who delivered what I needed to learn.

It's a rare teacher who is able to make relevant lessons out of any inquiry. Edmund is one of them. I highly recommend you take lessons from him too!



Edmund taught my son piano for 2 years; we appreciated Edmund's warmth, fun style, and supportive nature and would recommend him highly.

- Jennifer